Advocating for Pre-K Children of Low-Income U.S. Families

Promise the Children is an advocacy organization for pre-school children of low-income families, focusing on programs that support early education, combating hunger, and improving access to health care.

This is important work. Many families in the U.S. are working 40 to 60 hours a week on low wages, and they cannot afford food, pre-schools or health care. Their children are at risk of disabling hunger, neglect and abuse without adequate funding of the programs designed to help alleviate these problems: Food Stamps, Head Start and Medicaid. The future of our democracy and our society depends upon taking care of our most vulnerable citizens: our children.

Head Start for Low Income Children

Give access to Head Start to all eligible U.S. kids

Combatting Childhood Hunger

Food Stamps and school meals for all eligible Pre-K kids

Health care for low-income children

Expand Medicaid to all kids at 130% of the poverty line

A Non-Profit Organization with a Long History of Helping Children

The Unitarian Universalist Service Committee initiated our 501(c )3 organization 17 years ago with an early focus on Pre-K education programs in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. While most of our advocates signed up at Unitarian Universalist churches and events, many of our volunteers are of other faiths, or no faith at all.

Our inspiration came from The Children’s Defense Fund’s March For Children’s Education held in Washington D.C. in 1996. After 2000, we worked with Parents United for Child Care in Boston and the SFC Early Education for All Campaign to advocate for pre-school education. We were successful in substantially increasing the number and quality of subsidized early education spots in our pre-schools, and in establishing the MA Department of Early Education and Care.

In 2006, we became a national charity called Promise the Children. We focused on providing information on issues affecting children. We joined the Circle of Protection Campaign stressing the importance of funding for many programs that would protect young children living in poverty. We were able to reach many congregations and provide those who volunteered with information and actions to take on many issues that promote raising a healthy child with a growing mind.

In order to have even more impact on young children, our Board of Directors decided to narrow our focus in 2014 to advocate for adequate funding in support of Pre-K education, combating hunger and improving access to health care.

Help Us Help Our Children

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