Increase in Teen Pregnancy Costs Paxpayers Billions

imageFamily planning and birth control methods are well known to prevent the birth of unplanned or unwanted children. Those who deny access to birth control show no concern for children and their healthy development. Perhaps they want to dominate women, or are in love with their sperm, or are obsessed with the unborn fetus, but they have no vision of the skilled parenthood that leads to the healthy development of a human being.

As states like Indiana, Kansas, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Texas and Wisconsin withdraw Medicaid funding for family planning and birth control, teen births are on the rise. More teens and others will have difficulty finding access to birth control, and are more likely to bear children whom they cannot support and/or care for. These children may lack family support, and so risk dropping out of high school, and sadly, may enter the “pipeline to prison” taxpayers billions of dollars.

Planned Parenthood health centers offer health care and birth control for teens, young single women and parent(s) who earn small salaries. For eligible women, Medicaid supports these services that may include,

  • · Help with irregular or painful periods, or no periods at all,
  • · Breast exams & mammogram referrals when necessary,
  • · Cervical cancer screening, pap tests & treatment for abnormal tests,
  • · Colposcopy
  • · Testing and treatment of urinary and vaginal infections,
  • · Family planning and birth control information, and referral for abortion.

Shouldn’t we emphasize the importance of planning parenthood so that the cost of feeding, clothing, housing and providing health care for children can be paid by parent(s)? Shouldn’t we consider that today’s parent(s) need the skills and maturity to help children negotiate our complicated world?

Thanks, over and over again, to the donors and paid staff of Planned Parenthood who have the courage to offer essential services that increase the well being of our communities and country in the face of violence and even murder that has occurred in health centers offering birth control services. Hurray for Mass legislature that voted to continue funding Planned Parenthood!

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Cradle to Prison Pipeline Campaign

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